Summer Octopus Mania

Published : 06/30/2017 12:17:27
Categories : Product news

Summer has started, so let's fully enjoy it with some cool summer products from our online smoke shop. We offer special summer collection - beautiful glass pieces with amazing 3D octopus decorations. Real masterpieces with unique and unrepeatable design are all hand made by our glassblowers. You can choose from water bongs, bubblers, glass pipes, chillumssteamrollers and stash jars. Catch your Octopus - a new buddy of yours for summer 2017!

Summer Octopus Mania

Wide offer of summer octopus products

As the octopus is one of the favourite animal you can find it as an amazing 3D decoration on all different types of smoking glass. All octopus products are hand blown of very strong and heat resistant Pyrex glass in our wrokshops by very crafty glassblowers. Popular is combination of an octopus with a skulll. An octopus sitting on a crystal or gold skull, which contains deep bowl with a carb hole on the left side.

Captivity glass pipe  Goldy Captivity Glass Pipe

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