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Glass Bubbler Octopus



Glass Bubbler Octopus was specially created by our designers for your maximum smoking pleasure.

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Height130 mm; 5.1 in
Weight146 g; 5.15 oz
Joint size9 mm; 0.35 in
Joint typerubber grommet
Stem length60 mm; 2.36 in
Carb holeyes, left side
Color changing effectno

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Glass Bubbler Octopus was specially created by our designers for your maximum smoking pleasure. Octopus bubbler is hand blown in our workshop, we use only durable and heat resistant Pyrex glass. This bong has a carb hole on the left side. Bubbler is equipped with a glass bowl fixed with rubber and is included in the price.

  • Pyrex
  • rubber grommet
  • carb hole



New favorite "night stand" bubbler

This is the octopus bubbler and it's my new favorite "night stand" bubbler. By night stand I mean that it's a bubbler that I don't use all the time but only occasionally in my room. As you can see, the most attractive part about this bubbler is how it looks. It features an octopus wrapping its legs around the glass portion that holds the water. Another cool thing is that you actually smoke out of the head.

I've never ordered any glass online so I didn't know what to expect but I was very satisfied with the shipping. It came in a few days before I expected it which was awesome and every individual piece was wrapped individually with bubble wrap. Little details like that are what I appreciate.

Other than the already awesome design, there is a tremendous amount of detail to this bubbler. My favorite part about the bubbler is that when you actually hold the bubbler in hand, you feel every single suction on the octopus' legs. Another detail is the head of the octopus where the spots are bumpy inside which looks cool when you see it. Lastly, something that I have noticed after smoking it a few times is that the head portion is also lined with color changing stuff. I personally love color changing effects because the glass is almost alive because it changes slightly every time you smoke out of it.

Overall this bubbler is awesome. If design is something you care about, this is the bubbler for you. I will be honest that for the same price you can probably get a bigger bubbler that has a bigger air chamber and slightly thicker glass but you won't find anything that has this unique design. But if you compare it to those smaller sized bubblers, it is much higher quality glass and hits much smoother. And don't get me wrong, this bubbler is actually perfect for me because this is my personal "night stand" bubbler so I don't need a huge bong or anything.

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