Dear customers, here you can find frequently asked questions with the answers.

About us ...

Who are you?

Bongin s.r.o. is a Czech-based company and it is the owner of the domain www.water-bongs-glass-pipes.com. We create top-quality handmade glass products. We are registered with the commercial register, and our VAT number is CZ26852519.

Are you a manufacturing or commercial company?

Both. All products available on our websites are handmade in our own workshops.We also have full control of the distribution and sales.

Where is the Czech Republic located?

The Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe, and the capital is Prague. Our region is  famous for Bohemian Crystal. The tradition of Bohemian glass dates back to the 14th century. Also the famous hockey player Jaromir Jagr was born here. We are a member of the European Union, and our neighboring countries are Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria.

How can you guarantee that I will receive my order?

Bongin s.r.o. has many years of tradition and experience in customer service and logistics. We always go the extra mile to serve our clients. We make sure you will receive exactly what you have ordered and in the shortest possible time.

I was pleasantly surprised by your quick reaction to my question...

Thank you. Our policy is to reply to customer emails within maximum 24 hours.

Shipping, delivery ...

Are your products shipped discreetly?

We use only plain brown boxes for our products and write only your address and our owner’s name and the company address. There are no other labels on the box.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping by the regular mail to all countries costs $12.50.

How can I get free shipping with my order?

Your delivery will be free of charge if you place an order over $99.00 and select the cheapest delivery method. This applies to all countries that we ship to.

Do you ship your products to all countries?

No, we don't. We ship only to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Norway, Finland, and all countries in the EU. If you don´t find your country in the list, please ask us whether we can ship to your country. We will not willingly send packages to the countries where import of our goods is prohibited.

How long does it take to deliver my order to the US?

Delivery with Registered Mail (USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post atc) takes approximately 8-14 days depending on the destination. With the FEDEX International Priority delivery option, you can get your order even faster within 3-5 days.

How long does it take to deliver to Europe?

There are advanced and reliable shipping services within the countries of the EU, and delivery takes no longer than 3-5 working days.

How often do you ship?

Packages are sent every business day.

Is it possible to get faster delivery?

Yes, it is - by using FEXED International for an extra $34.

Can you arrange the delivery of my parcel according to special requirements?

Unfortunately we are not able to arrange any special delivery requirements. We use the services of the Czech post and its partners, such as USPS in the USA, Royal mail in UK etc..

What happens when I am not at home when the package is delivered?

If you are not home when the package is delivered, a notification will be left for you, and you can pick up your delivery at the local post office/FEDEX depo.

Do I have to sign for the delivery?

Yes. You also must have proof that you are over 18.

What is your policy on damage caused by shipment?

Although this happens very rarely, you can rest assured that we will replace your item. Just send us a clear picture of what has been broken within 7 days of receiving your order.

Can I have a tracking number for my order?

Yes, tracking numbers are available in 1-2 business days and are sent to customer's e-mail along with a link for package tracking.

What happens if my package is not delivered?

If your package is not delivered within 60 days, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements. If your package was lost, we will send you a replacement free of charge.  

What happens if my package comes back to you for any reason?

We will inform you by e-mail and offer you either reshipping or refund. If you would like to have your package reshipped, you would have to pay the shipping charge again /12.50usd/. In case you ask for refund, the original shipping costs will be deducted from your refund ammount.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you wish to return received products, you can do so within 7 days since the delivery date. We accept only unused, properly wrapped and packaged items sent to our address. All shipping costs are paid by customers. Also the original shipping charge will be deducted from your refund ammount.

Personal security ...

Is it safe to place an order on this website? Won´t my personal data be misused?

Absolutely not. Our online smoke shop is protected with SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is method used to secure and encrypt all sensitive informations like credit cards details, usernames, passwords and other private data sent over the Internet.

How can you guarantee the security of my credit card information?

We use the services of Ceska Sporitelna, which is the biggest bank in the Czech Republic. You are transferred directly to their credit card payment gate during the payment process, which is absolutely secure due to the 3D Secure system used by the bank.

Payments ...

Which payment methods can I use in your online shop?

We accept credit cards, Western Union, cash, International Money Order, bank transfer or Bitcoin.

Do you accept prepaid cards and gift cards?

No, we don't.

What will I see on my credit card statement when purchasing products on your website?

Your credit card statement will show the date of your purchase and the description Czech hand-blown art . No one will know what you have purchased.

What problems can occur when using a credit card?

  1. The wrong credit card data has been entered. Some people make a mistake, especially when they fill in the expiration date because some credit cards have 6 digits in format MM/DD/YY. The needed format for payment is MMYY (two digits for the month, two for the year).
  2. The wrong type of card (Visa/MasterCard) was selected.
  3. There is not enough money in your bank account.
  4. Internet payment via card isn't enabled (ask your bank).
  5. An error occurred at the payment gateway, try again later.
  6. International transactions are not allowed (ask your bank). We are located in the Czech Republic, central Europe.

Does the credit card owner's address have to be the same as the delivery address?

No.The delivery address and billing address can be different.

Which currencies are allowed for payment on your website?

You can display prices and transactions can be made in American dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British pounds (GBP).

Are there any additional fees when using a credit card?

No. You only pay for the products you have chosen and delivery fees (shipping, handling, and packaging). Some banks may charge additonal fees for international payments, if you are not sure about these fees, please ask your bank.

Free gifts ...

Do you send free gifts?

Yes, we send free glass gift with each order.

Am I entitled to both a free gift and free shipping?

Of course, there is free shipping and a free gift with every order above $99.00.

Can I get a free gift if I send cash or a cashier's check?

Yes, if you send cash or cashier's check, we will send you a free gift with your order. Please be advised that the delivery will take a bit longer as we have to receive the cash or check first.

Law ...

Does my government allow me to own a water bong or a pipe? Is it legal?

In most countries, there is no problem. If you are not sure, please learn about your local laws.

Also, this useful website should provide you with sufficient information:

I am under 18 years old. Can I order here?

According to a local law, only adults above 18 years old can order our products.

Products ...

How are your prices so reasonable?

Because we are the producers as well as the distributors of our pipes, we save money and pass the savings on to you.

How does the color changing effect work?

The color of the glass changes according to the light conditions. For example, with a dark background the color turns blue and with a light background the color turns yellow.

I have been using my pipe for a year now, and it is dirty. Can I wash it?

Yes, you can. You can put your pipe into tepid (room temperature) water with soap or detergent and slowly bring to a boil. Don't insert a cold pipe into boiling water or pour cold water over a hot pipe because both of these can cause the glass to break. You can also use a slim brush for cleaning the inside chamber of the pipe.

Are your bongs fragile? Do I have to handle them with extra care?

Our bongs are made out of a special type of glass called Pyrex (Duran, Simax). That‘s why all of our products are solid, lightweight and quite hard. But please bear in mind that it still is glass.

Can I order a custom made pipe?

Yes, you can order some water bongs and glass pipes with your personal writing.

How much does it cost?

One letter costs 3usd.

How long does it take to make the custom pipe?

It usually takes up to a week.

Cooperation ...

I love this website! How can I support you?

You can tell your friends about us or place our links on your website or forum. We really appreciate it. If you want to make some money, please read more about our affiliate program here.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

I have questions that are not listed here. What do I do ?

Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.