Become an affiliate of the BONGIN –!

Become an affiliate of our online smoke shop and help us spread top quality hand blown products among all people who like to smoke a good glass pipe, bubbler, water bong or chillum. Our affiliate program offers the highest 15% commisions, so you can really make a lot of money. It's up to you how much you earn, but we will provide you the best support possible and our affiliate terms and conditions will not limit you in any way.

Main benefits of our affiliate program

  • Our online smoke shop offers the highest 15% commissions. A single $100 order earns you $15!
  • Your share will be counted from the entire items price and not exclude any fees!
  • Affiliate section in your account provides clear overview of your orders and interest.
  • Unlimited cookie time. Returning customers may be yours for as long as you remain an active affiliate.
  • You can choose when we send your payment to you.
  • Bank transfer payments of referral fees provides the best security.
  • After you join our affiliate program, we'll do our best to help you increase your sales. You will receive affiliate newsletters with helpful tips and new product information.
  • Our customer support is always available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Our best affiliates are regularly rewarded by our hand blown glass smoking products.

Affiliate program is intended for website owners with related content

Our program is intended for owners of the websites with related content:

  • growing/seed portals
  • online smoke shops
  • herb/tobacco information websites
  • related social media profiles
  • etc

How to become our affiliate partner and how it works

  1. Create an account on our website HERE. Fill in all personal information required and mark „Participate in the affiliate program“ and agree with „Terms of Service“ in affiliate program checkbox.
  2. Approve your registration by clicking on REGISTER.
  3. You can manage the affiliate program in you account by clicking on AFFILIATE PROGRAM.
  4. In your account you can find unique links and banners which can be placed on your website.
  5. Visitors click from your site to and purchase items.
  6. You earn 15% of the price from every paid order.  
  7. Once your commissions reach $50, you can send us a withdrawal request. Please make sure, that you filled payment information in your account (paypal account or bank account).
  8. After we receive the payment request we will pay your commissions within 3 business days.

How to promote as an affiliate

You can use text link, product image, flash banner or whatever form of link that you like. Link can lead on any website page - category, product detail, homepage, article, blog etc. Be creative and it will definitely pay off. Just remember that your unique parameter has to be present in the link URL. You will find your unique URL parameter in your account once you become our affiliate partner e.g.

You can also use some of our banners below:


How can I make sure, that my affiliate links work

Copy the affiliate link with your unique ending parameter and open it in a different browser /where you are not logged in/. If you see your email address in the affiliate program field, everything is alright and your affiliate link works correctly. The other possible way of checking is to put any product in the cart and in the next step /in affiliate section/ you should see the sentence: You are invited: x - your unique affiliate number. If you can not see it, the link is incorrect. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any troubles and need help.


How and when will I be notified about my commission

Once the customer places succesful order in our online smoke shop through your specific affiliate URL and the order is marked as SHIPPED, you will receive an email about your commission. You can also check it out in your affiliate account. If the order status is changed as CANCELED or REFUND, the commission will be withold from your account.