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Wide selection of smoking accessories for great prices. Useful accessories for every smoker - lighters, herb grinders, stash jars, pipe screens, rolling papers, pipe and bong protective cases, keychain ashtrays and other smoking accessories in our online smoke shop. You can choose from different motifs and styles. Anything from our smoking acces...

Wide selection of smoking accessories for great prices. Useful accessories for every smoker - lighters, herb grinders, stash jars, pipe screens, rolling papers, pipe and bong protective cases, keychain ashtrays and other smoking accessories in our online smoke shop. You can choose from different motifs and styles. Anything from our smoking accessories can be given as a perfect gift to your friends or you can enjoy it yourself.

Discreet smoking accessories

Some smoking accessories from our shop are so discreet, that others can hardly recognize the real meaning. You can get for example a weed grinder in the shape of a credit card, very small stash tins to keep your herbs safe, spliff protectors to hide your one hitter or very cool looking and protective cases for bongs and pipes.

Buy smoking accessories online

Every smoker who owns a water bong or a glass pipe needs also matching accessories for his/her maximum smoking pleasure. Do not forget to buy everything you need - for example an effective waterpipe/bong cleaner to clean your pipe easily or diffuser beads to eliminate the harshness of the smoke on your lungs. You can find a lot of commonly used and also original smoking accesories in our online shop, all of them are perfect complements to our hand blown glass products.


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  • Herb Grinders

    A herb grinder is a device that crushes your herbs. Clean and easy way how to prepare a smoking substances without dirty hands. They are most often made of plastic or metal. Plastic grinders are cheaper but can grind the herbs great as well as the metal grinders. Herb grinders come in variety of colors and designs. Weed grinders  usually consist from few components. They have at least two halves with sharp teeth. Some of the weed grinders, sold in our online smoke shop, are also equipped with a pollen screen and a kief catcher.

    How do your herb grinders for sale work?

    It depends on the components. Basically you put the smoking substances in the bottom part  with the sharp teeth and rotate the top part. Material inside is shredded into lots of small pieces. This top part has often a magnetic closure to keep the lid securely attached. For more frequent smokers we recommend 3 or 4 parts metal grinders. Other components as a pollen screen and a kief catcher helps to collect pollen dust, which can be then re-used.

    Weed grinders shaped as credit cards

    Credit card grinders are perfect gifts for your smokers friends or simply for you. Discreet look and size in the shape of a credit card. Its totally flat and fits in your purse or pocket. You can cut your herbs against the card and then just scoop it up and put it in the bowl. Made from stainless steel. Herb grinders are great and needed smoking accessories for your water bongs or glass pipes.

  • Glass stash jars

    Our stash jars with cork are designed for storing your tobacco products so that they will always be fresh and ready for smoking. Stash jars are perfect smoking accessories to our wide range of glass pipes and water bongs. Choose the suitable size, color and type and keep your grass safe. All stash jars are of course made of health safe Pyrex glass and are really durable.

    Why is great to have glass stash jars with a cork lid?

    Having a stash jar is great because its much better to store your herbs or weed in a beautiful glass jar, which keeps your herbs fresh and limitates also the smell of it. The lid is made from cork and it holds and tighten really well. The cork lid is included in the price with each jar.

    Hand blown weed stash jars

    Our durable Pyrex stash jars are made in our carft shop. All our weed stash jars are silver fumed with nice color changing effect so they can look different with dark backround. You can choose from few nice designs. Most of the glass jars have flat bottom and some have small legs so they all can stand nicely themselves.

  • Metal stash tins

    Besides the borosillicate Pyrex glass stash jars we also offer popular aluminium stash tins. They are not as big as the glass jars, so smaller ammout of your herbs can fit inside. But its still much better than a plastic bag. Stash tins from our online smoke shop are perfect for travelling or can work also as a very good gift for all your smokers friends. Keep your herbs fresh in one of these metal stash tins.

    Cannabis stash tins with easy click-clack system

    The main feature is definitelly easy and quick open/close system called Click-Clack. It is very easy to open it and close and it ensures that the lid is really tight so the smell doesn´t spread. Click-Clack cannabis stash tins are made of aluminimum in many different designs. Stash tins are made in pocket size, so you can take them with you everywhere. They also fit well in pipe and bong protective cases together with a glass pipes or water bongs.

    Metal stash tins in poker or rasta design

    Metal stash tins come in one size but plenty of different motifs. Its only up to you, if you prefer a poker design or many of rasta pictures. Be cool and get one of the most needed smoking accessories.

  • Rolling Papers

    Roling papers are other important smoking accessories for the smokers who love to roll up own cigarettes. Our online smoke shop offers wide selection of different brands and materials of favorite and cheap rolling papers. Rolling papers for sale are made of hemp, rice or cellulose. There is usually about 32-33 leaves in one booklet, which is decorated with different motives. Most of the rolling papers come in king size.

    Cheap rolling papers for sale made of different materials

    Cellulose rolling papers are the most healthier and also very cool choice. Made of 100% cellulose, the papers are transparent and with no odour. Hemp papers are 100% made of cannabis wood and are favorited ones for many environmentaly thinking people. Rice papers are made by proccesing rice and then pressing it into thin sheets. They can sometimes include additives.

    Rolling papers with some flavours

    You can also get some tasty rolling papers. We sell currently papers with a tasty combination of strawberry and kiwi or Jamaican rum. These flavours leave mouth-wattering sweet taste on your lips.

  • Lighters

    There is no smoke without fire. In our online smoke shop we of course offer the necessity for every smoker - lighters. At the moment we sell only two types of lighters - plastic and metal, but you can choose from few different motifs. You will surely enjoy your smoking more with our great gas lighters. Be stylish and a get a new cool lighter with some glass pipes or water bongs.

    Cool gas lighters with even cooler green flame

    Gas lighters, which are sold in our shop, are made with popular motives - rasta, funny ones etc. All these gas lighters are high quality. They are made of metal and have green flame, but it can be different if you fill it with another gas.

    Cheaper cigarette lighters for sale with colorful motifs

    We also offer some plastic colorful lighters with great design. They are not as durable as the metal ones but serve its purpose as well as the more expensive cigarette lighters. All cheap cigarette lighters for sale in our online smoke shop have a picture and some cool sign at the bottom.

  • Pipe Screens

    Screens for glass pipes and water bongs are useful for better burning of tobacco or other substance. The purpose of putting glass screens into a bowl is to get enough air flow for decent combustion. They prevent falling the herbs through the hole in the bowl and into your water bong or glass pipe. The small glass screens help your tobaco burn better and you'll get cleaner and healthier smoke than with traditional metal pipe screens.

    Pyrex pipe screens for glass pipes and bongs

    Our handy craftsmen make two types of glass screens for glass pipes and bongs. One in the shape of a flower and the second - jax screens with three edges. Glass screens are made of Pyrex and they are absolutely intoxic. Screens are being sold in a pack of three pieces.

    Metal pipe screens - cheaper and shapeable

    Metal pipe screens fits into most of our glass pipes or bowls of water bongs. We offer few different sizes and you can also adapt them into the correct shape. Metal screens come in a pack of five pieces.

  • Diffuser Beads

    Diffuser beads for sale are new and absolutely great smoking accessories to every water bong not only from our online smoke shop. They look like small beads and are made of safe and non toxic plastic, which means they are reusable so they last forever. The main purpose of using diffuser beads is that they eliminate the harshness of the smoke on your lungs, because they will basically turn any water bong into an ice bong.

    Main features of cheap diffuser beads for sale

    Diffuser beads are very small beads made of recycled plastic and they come in plenty of different colors. You can choose from the unicolors ones or already mixed colors. You can surely combine the colors yourself. To achieve even cooler look, we would recommend the glow in dark diffuser beads. The number of possible colorful variations is infinite. Show your fantasy and make the coolest look of your bong ever with our great but cheap diffuser beads!

    How do diffuser beads work

    Diffuser beads are very easy to use. Depending on the size of your water bong, you basically put one or more jars of diffuser beads in the water base. Not only you get interesting look of your glass piece but principally they will make lots of bubbles and cool the water so you can enjoy nice smooth smoking pleasure. The more beads you put in, the more percolation and diffusion you get. It is also possible to put some beads in the downstem, ended with a diffuser. They will give even more diffusion. Isn´t it cool?

  • Protective cases

    Protective cases are perfect accessory for some glass pipes and small glass bongs from our offer. They are really cool and protective. Well padded cases from the inside with elastic straps hold your glass pieces safe. Outer packaging is made of strong and slightly flexible material. Not only a bong but also some of the smoking accessories needed for your smoking will easily fit in the case and due to the straps stay on its place.

    Padded bong and pipe cases for maximum protection

    The foam interior padding with elastic straps will keep your weed pipes in place and the polycarbonate ABS hard shell will make sure that your glass piece is safe. Enhanced zipper closure, ABS hard shell, moisture protection, carabiner attached to the top. Some of the protective cases have also a paddlock with a key.

    Protective cases for bongs and pipes - vital accessory for traveling

    If you travel a lot or just breake your glass smoking products quite often, then these protective cases for bongs and pipes are the right accessories for you. Make sure, you can keep your water bongs or glass bubblers safe and avoid the breakage. Get one of those excellent padded protective cases.

  • Pipe cleaners

    Whether you decide to buy cheaper or the most expensive glass piece, its really important to clean your glass regularly. Not only it will last longer, but the smoke will taste better. Cheap pipe and bong cleaners in our online smoke shop will help you to clean your glass piece easily. It is usuable for all water bongs, glass pipes or one hitters made from glass. You can keep your glass nice and clean with those special and effective glass smoking pipe and bong cleaners.

    The most effective but cheap pipe and bong cleaners

    The most effective smoking pipe cleaners are the liquid cleaners. We sell it them in three different sizes. They are a highly concentrated phosphate-free cleaners. Our online shop also offers pipe wipes so you can easily wipe your glass or the cleaning sticks, which are the best for chillums and one hitters but also work well with weed pipes or glass bubblers. Their very thin shape allows to clean all those hardly accessible places.

    Easy way how to clean a bong or waterpipe

    You can put your glass pipes or water bongs into tepid (room temperature) water with soap or detergent and slowly bring to a boiling point. Don't insert a cold pipe into boiling water or pour cold water over a hot pipe, because both of these can cause the glass to break. You can also use a slim brush for cleaning the inside chamber of the smoking pipe.

  • Spliff protectors

    Spliff protectors are small plastic cases, which can be used to transport any fragile items. As they are quite narrow only the smallest one hitters fit inside. The shape of these joint protectors is conical. Isn´t it great to hide your one hitter or roll cigarette in such a case? You can safely carry it anywhere with you. Just throw it in your bag and don´t worry about breaking it. Spliff protectors from our online smoke shop are affordable smoking accessories for anyone. 

    Plastic spliff protectors/joint protectors

    Almost all spliff protectors are made from see-through plastic so you can see what you have inside. Some of the joint protectors are colored so they are not transparent. They come in few colors and all have a lid.

    Spliff protectors as roll cigarette protectors

    Joint protectors work great as well if you roll yourself something special. You can also put it inside the spliff protector and don´t need to worry, that your cigarette will bend or get squashed.

  • Keychain ashtrays

    Are you a keen smoker? You probably know that sometimes there is no place to put ash on the floor or dispose of the butts. Well, this mini keychain ashtrays from our online smoke shop might be an answer. They are excellent smoking accessories for every modern smoker. Pocket ashtrays are very popular, because they are portable and small and looks so cool. They also make it a thoughtful little gift for your smoker friends.

    Functions of keychain ashtrays

    All these keychain ashtrays have a flip open and snup shut lid and a cigarette holder inside. When you open it, the holder in the shape of a leaf pops up so you can put your cigarette on it if you need both hands for something else. After you are done with smoking, you simply close it and carry the ash safely to the nearest bin.

    Portable pocket ashtrays

    Isn´t it great to carry the ashtray always with you on your keys? Its fun that its so discreet. You will surely surprise everyone, who sees the change of the keychain to the ashtray. You can choose from few different motifs of pocket ashtrays and express yourself.

  • Cubes for Bongs

    Cubes for Bongs are perfect smoking accessories for all smokers, who smoke out of water bongs. Best ice cubes for water bongs substitute classic ice cubes, which needs to be made all the time and to be honest, how many times did you need some ice but didn't have any in the freezer? This can not happen anymore with our best ice cubes for water bongs. As the best ice cubes for water bongs are reusable, you simply wash them after each use and "tidy" them straight in the freezer. In this case you have your best ice cubes always ready to use and you can enjoy nice, cool smoking at any time.

    Best ice cubes for water bongs in various colors

    Our online smoke shop offers the best ice cubes for water bongs in the pack of six pieces in the various colors. Colors are being picked randomly. Best ice cubes for water bongs are made of plastic and are filled with water. 

    Best plastic ice cubes for water bongs in standard size

    Cubes for bongs come in standard ice cubes size /25x25 mm/. Please be aware that our best ice cubes for water bongs fit only inside the bigger glass bongs and the water bong must be equipped with an ice holder, otherwise it will fall straight into the water chamber.

  • Extra Ice Catchers

    Extra Ice Catchers are great and very useful accessories for all smokers who use a water bong. Most of the water bongs are usually equipped with an ice catcher but some of them has not got any. In this case, extra ice catchers for water bongs are the perfect solution. You can enjoy cool smoking experience with these ice catchers for bongs, that will hold the ice cubes.

    What exactly are extra ice catchers for water bongs

    Extra ice catchers for water bongs also called ice wise platforms are special spirals made of metal, that can hold the ice cubes in all water bongs made without the ice holder. It is possible to choose either black or gold spiral in our online smoke shop. Check out also our plastic reusable ice cubes for easy use.

    How do extra ice catchers for water bongs work

    Use of ice catchers for bong is very easy. All you need is a water bong with straight tube and diameter at least 45 mm. The spiral is quite soft so in case you need to make it smaller or bigger, it is possible to bend it to the desire size. Ice wise platform can be used in two ways. You can either hang it on the mouthtube so the spiral with ice cubes is down or put the stick the other way around, so the stick is touching the chamber's base and the spiral is up.

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