How to choose the correct spare bowl and downstem

Published : 05/10/2017 23:46:26
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Lots of smokers wonder how to choose the correct spare bowl and downstem. They often buy wrong size or even type of the spare part and then they are surprised that it doesn't fit. Therefore if you are not sure what to buy, don't be afraid to ask our customer service, that is here to help. Also this article should help you to understand everything about this issue.

What is a joint size?

The term joint size refers to the measurment of a diameter of the hole where the downstem or bowl slides in. There are three basic joint sizes. The first is the smallest 9 mm joint size, middle is 14.5 mm and the biggest joint size is 18.8 mm. There also exists some unusual joint sizes for ex. 12 mm and other. Joints can be made in two different types. It could be either a glass on glass joint or a joint with a rubber grommet.

joint size

How to choose the correct spare bowl or a downstem?

The most important thing while choosing the spare downstem is the type. Bowl intended for water bongs with a rubber grommet won't fit into the bong with a glass on glass joint and it surely won't work the other way round. The next no less important thing is the joint size. Be careful and measure the diameter correctly. Again, small downstem will not seal tightly in the bong with bigger diameter and the bigger downstem won't fit in the smaller bong. The last essential thing is the downstem's length. Downstem should not be too long but should be almost at the bottom of the water chamber. The length is measured from the white milk part of the downstem to the end /usually the pure glass part/.

stem lenght

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