Quartz bangers and carb caps for great dabbing

Published : 10/08/2017 18:44:55
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Dabbing seems to be more and more popular and prefered to classic smoking from a water bong. Dabbing from dab rigs/oil rigs is possible either with oil domes or domeless quartz bangers, that are very easy to use, therefore our online smoke shop also offers quartz bangers on sale. As well as carb caps that are also perfect accessories for dab rigs.

Quartz bangers for oil rigs

Quartz bangers for oil rigs are domeless bowls for any oil rigs that ensure easy and very pleasurable dabbing experience. Our online smoke shop sells quartz bangers in two sizes - 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm. 2mm thickness ensures fast heating up, but still holding the temperature in the low zone.

quartz banger

Carb caps for quartz bangers

Carb caps are additional carb holes compatible with quartz bangers for oil rigs. Carb caps for quartz bangers are not necessary, but are recomended as they really provide smooth dabbing at lower temperature. Carb caps are hand blown of durable Pyrex glass with two tiny holes on both sides. Carb caps' main functions are heat retention and ariflow restriction.

carb cap

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