How to keep your smoking herbs fresh

Published : 08/15/2017 22:49:58
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Everyone knows that it is not very tasteful to smoke old, dried out herbs. To enjoy smoking out of a glass pipeone hitter or water bong it is important to keep your herbs always fresh. How to manage that? Put it in the right container. The best storage for fresh herbs are special glass stash jars sealed with a cork, but you can also use small metal stash tins, that are easy to carry with you anywhere you go. We also recommend to put the storage jars in dark and dry cupboard as the light might have bad influence on the herbs.

Glass stash jars

Glass stash jars are the best storages from few points of view. Glass material is the safest material ever. It doesn't secrete any flavor-changing compounds and the pyrex glass of which the glass jars are hand blown is absolutelly health safe. All glass stash jars are airtight thanks to the cork lid, which comes together with the jar. Our online smoke shop offers glass jars in few different shapes and sizes and some cool decorations.

  Pyrex stash jar octopus

Metal stash tins

Metal stash tins come in one size but plenty of different rasta motifs. They are made of aluminium and come with great click-clack open/close system. It is as well airtight so your herbs remains fresh and the odour doesn't spread. As the metal stash tins are much smaller than our glass stash jars, smaller ammount fits inside. Metal stash tins can be hidden easily into your pocket so you can take them anywhere you go.
stash tin

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