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Glass Bong Gold Princess


Glass Bong Gold Princess is smaller but still very functional glass on glass bong. 

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Height300 mm; 11.8 in
Weight270 g; 9.5 oz
Tube diameter32 mm; 1.26 in
Joint size14.5 mm; 0.57 in
Joint typeglass on glass
Stem length120 mm; 4.7 in
Carb holeno, on demand
Glass thickness2.8 mm; 0.11 in
Volume400 ml; 13.5 fl oz
Ice holderyes
Stem endhole
Color changing effectyes

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Glass Bong Gold Princess is smaller but still very functional glass on glass bong.  One piece glass on glass slider is included in the price. The bong has very nice color, its gold fumed and can be used at every ocassion. 

  • Pyrex
  • glass on glass
  • color changing effect

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Love it :)

I got this bong a few months ago, and it's my first one. I didn't want to spend a fortune on my first bong, and I thought this one was pretty, so I got it! I absolutely love this bong. I love how big the bowl is, personally, and it's absolutely beautiful. (I just don't know how to clean the bong? I can't fit anything in there to clean because of the ice catcher.) I will definitely be doing business on this website again :)

    I love it!!

    I bought this bong about two months ago and received it in exactly two weeks. It's an absolutely beautiful bong, and I love it for my very first one. The size is perfect for me because sometimes I bring it out with me and my friends, and I absolutely love the ice catcher too. I will definitely be doing business on this website again :)


      I recently ordered (another) piece from your website and was wanting to do another review on it. I recently purchased and reviewed another piece that I have been over the top pleased with. I have recommended this site to a few people at this point, and have explained that if they choose another place to order pieces, they will be disappointed. On to the review.

      The glasswork is gorgeous, the colors remind me of a nice sunset. One thing that I really enjoy is the tiny drippings around the mouthpiece. They just look very interesting and are a neat addition. It sits up easily, and is small enough to hide in a crevasse or a small area to protect it from accidental knock over. The downstem is not cut at the bottom like I expected it to be, but that wont change the filtration. And I like the bowl is attached to the downstem. Which has its advantages and disadvantages. (Less parts to keep up with, but if it breaks you are out of commission unless you have another one that length.) It hits smooth, and has basically no drag.

      Just like with other things I have ordered through this website, the packaging could not have been better. I always worry, considering its shipped cross several countries and an ocean, but again, everything was done the best way it possibly could. I had a total order of five things ordered, aside from the Golden Princess, and each one was wrapped safely and there were no issues with any of them. As far as time to get to my place, Its all international and considering the amount of times it goes through different countries' customs, I'd say two week is appropriate.

      Overall, good little piece to have around. Not a bad size, hits smooth, and looks beautiful.

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      Beautiful bong!

      I had been looking for my perfect first bong for a while when I stumbled across this one in an online search. The pretty gold color caught my attention and I immediately had a really good feeling about it. I was a little nervous ordering online from a place I’d never heard of, but I am so glad that I decided to go ahead and order it!

      My bong arrived within the expected time frame (tracking info was provided which was nice), and it came in very discrete packaging. Everything was wrapped really carefully in bubble wrap to ensure that nothing broke in transit. It's a fantastic size and honestly even prettier than in the picture online! The detailing around the mouthpiece is super cool…it almost looks like dripping honey. I thought that the bowl was a decent size (not too big, not too small) and the bong it hits really well. The bowl is attached to the downstem which is nice because I am always losing everything. The glass is nice and thick, definitely good quality! My friends loved it too!

      The bong came with these little glass screens that were cool but honestly unnecessary. The hole is small enough that you don’t really need it. I will definitely be using them for my bubbler though! Overall this bong was a great purchase, exactly what I was looking for and a really reasonable price. I would definitely highly recommend this bong to anyone looking for something both pretty and powerful!

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

      For my birthday my girlfriend purchased the Gold Princess water bong. It’s an ice bong with two bubbles on the bottom. The bong and the pipe are both a peach color. She custom ordered it with “katfckntastic”, my online nickname, swirling around the bong in red letters. She also got a carb cut into the back of it. It’s about 12in/30cm tall and 3.25in/7.5cm wide(the bottom bubble) making it perfect for storage and travel. Plus, its easy to hold. This is the most thoughtful gift I have EVER received.

      The package was a plain, brown box that was significantly lighter than I expected. The box also had GLASS marked on it to ensure safe handling. Upon opening the box all I could see was 215 green pieces of styrofoam that kept my bong cozy all the way from Czech Republic. The bong, bowl, glass screens, and chillum were all individually wrapped in a TON of bubble wrap that kept everything safe. I recieved the package 7 days after its confirmation to the Northwest in the USA today July 28th. I didn’t expect to get the free screens or the free chillum which was a bonus to the amazing price of the bong itself.

      Being handblown, this smoking utensil is better constructed and designed than I could’ve ever expected!!! The calligraphy is absolutely outstanding and the pattern is flawless. The downstem on the bowl fits nicely between my fingers for a secure grip. Not only is it gorgeous, but it fills my lungs without filling my eyes with tears. (:

      This is the most cost efficient place to purchase smoking equipment. This is the only place I’d recommend and its definitely the only place I’m going to buy from in the future.

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
      Great transaction experience

      This Gold Princess bong is a beautiful bong with a pretty design on it. It comes with an ice catcher and stands slightly less than 12 inches tall. When I received the bong, I was happy with the discreet, well-cushioned packaging. The bong arrived in perfect condition. I was expecting a 3-4 weeks in shipping time, but I was pleasantly surprised that it only took two weeks to get to my doorstep. When I first placed my order, I thought the bong was on the pricier side. But, after reading other review on the website, I was confident the bong was well worth my money, which is completely true.

      The bong is made out of high quality glass, so I know it will last me for a while. It stands very sturdily, so I am not worried about it accidently being knocked down. I like that the bowl is attached to the downstem since it means less separate parts, but I’m concerned it is easier to break this way. However, the bong hits very smoothly. One of my favorite characteristics about the bong is the colors and design of the bowl, which is very unique.

      This is my first bong, and I am looking forward to ordering more pieces from this website. I recommend this bong to anyone looking for a smaller-sized bong that hits well and will make guests want to use it upon seeing it.

        My favorite new piece

        This a beautiful little piece. It stands just about a foot tall with relatively thick glass. Sturdy piece with beutiful designs. It is also a glass on glass slider which i find to be nicer because the suction is better. The downstem is also connected to the bowl which is conveninent. I love this bong because of how compact and sturdy it feels, and it is very eye catching. When people see it they always want to try it out. I prefer this relatively small bong to larger ones because its less cumbersome and easily concealed. Lots of pieces at my local headshop have very thin glass so I prefer this because the glass feels much more stable. And the ice catcher provides really smoooooth hits.

        My package arrived rather quickly, it arrived in less than 2 weeks! I was very pleasantly surprised. The packaging was also very safe, no risk of damaged glass.

        I would reccommend this product to all of my friends, and have! I give it a 10/10 and am completely obsessed with what a steal it was. Love it!

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          Glass Bong Gold Princess

          Glass Bong Gold Princess

          Glass Bong Gold Princess is smaller but still very functional glass on glass bong. 

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