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Sexy Glass Salvia Bong



Sexy Glass Salvia Bong comes in very supertemporal shape. It can be used with small ice cubes for cool smoke.

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Height300 mm; 11.8 in
Weight235 g; 8.3 oz
Tube diameter32 mm; 1.26 in
Joint size14.5 mm; 0.57 in
Joint typeglass on glass
Stem length80 mm; 3.15 in
Carb holeno, on demand
Glass thickness2.8 mm; 0.11 in
Volume250 ml; 8.5 fl oz
Ice holderyes
Stem endhole
Color changing effectno

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Sexy Glass Salvia Bong comes in very supertemporal shape. It can be used with small ice cubes for cool smoke. Easy removable double-walled bowl can be operated during smoking without any danger from internal heat. Mouthpiece is perfectly shaped for a comfortable grip.

  • Pyrex
  • ice holder
  • glass on glass


Another Amazing product!

Water Bongs Glass has the best products and the best prices!!

    Simple and solid

    I usually start a review with the actual product, however, when dealing with glass products, there is an important piece of the overall purchase that can not be skipped. That is the boxing and shipping of the product. This bong was shipped to me from over 5000 miles away, and it arrived in superb packaging with care. There were absolutely no issues with the bong. Upon first looking at the bong you cannot but help to notice the suble yet sexy curves with great asthetics. The bong is just the right size, not feeling too small to be useful or too large to feel "clunky".

    The bong has a great feel to it no matter where it is held. The curviature of the neck help balance the weight so that it actually feels lighter that it actually is. The bowl is thick with a nice seal to the bong, and the tab on the bowl ensures there is no danger of burning yourself on the product. The base is of perfect size to stabilize the bong, making it sturdier than some rival products from other companies that I've used in the past.
    Actual Use

    I was very eager to put this product to the test. The bowl is sized perfectly for smoking by yourself or with friends. This ensures you do not have to repack the bowl too often as is the case when dealing with some bongs. The amount of water I used did not render the bong as too heavy for myself or anyone else. The seal created between the bowl and bong is perfect. The neck is the perfect size to hold, as it didn't feel that I needed to use a second hand to hold the bottom, so I could concentrate on clearing the remaining smoke from the bong, which happened flawlessly. Also to take note on is the perfect size of the mouthpiece which doesn't force a certain connection to the lips in an unnatural way.
    Overall Thoughts

    This bong is purely one of the best I've ever used. Not only is it asthetically pleasing, it's usability is 100%. Usually I've had trade offs for bongs, being the look or usability taking a hit in some area, where as this bong has none of those downfalls whatsoever. You should expect to pay double the price for this bong on usability alone, not even including it's simple but elegant look. I would give this bong a 5 out of 5 stars on usability alone. I recommend this bong to any serious smoker who is on a budget and wants all they can get for the money. You will NOT be disappointed by this product. After loading the first bowl, you will absolutely fall in love with this bong and never look back!

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    Curvy and sturdy

    I received my Sexy Glass Salvia bong just before Christmas, and considering the season it arrived quickly to another part in Europe. The bong and its siblings came in perfect order in a handy package I could carry home easily by foot. The first thing that struck me about the bong was the form--exactly like in the pictures: beautiful-- and next its sturdiness: wherever you hold it on its neck it feels solid. Solid is the way it stands too, so it's probably not the bong's fault if you knock it over.

    Compared to most bongs you see in the average head-shop, this is the next level. Being hand-blown and so tastefully designed, it has real character you don't get much elsewhere. And the price is definitely more than fair.

    The smoke it delivers is smooth, whether you use ice or not. Due to its shape, it doesn't deliver straight and again, this makes the passage of smoke all the more pleasant. The mouthpiece is great, its size is just right and the way the neck is bent makes it to conform to your face nicely.

    The glass-on-glass slider is air-tight, so you don't get much of bubbling noise you get with some other bongs. The bowl is fine for one or two people, but it could be slightly bigger. I don't think it would ruin the aesthetics and a bigger bowl would give its user more options. But all in all, a great bong. One that I'm truly satisfied with, and one that I could recommend to anyone.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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    Sexy Glass Salvia Bong

    Sexy Glass Salvia Bong

    Sexy Glass Salvia Bong comes in very supertemporal shape. It can be used with small ice cubes for cool smoke.

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