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Mad Science Water Bong



Mad Science Water Bong is a fat water bong made from large laboratory tube. Glass tube ends with large glass joint for a piece with a glass spiral.

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Height305 mm; 12 in
Weight717 g; 25.2 oz
Tube diameter140 mm; 5.5 in
Joint size18.8 mm; 0.74 in
Joint typeglass on glass
Carb holeno
Glass thickness3.2 mm; 0.13 in
Volume2000 ml; 67.6 fl oz
Ice holderno
Stem endhole
Color changing effectno

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Mad Science Water Bong is a fat water bong made from large laboratory tube. Glass tube ends with large glass joint for a piece with a glass spiral, which leads the smoke to the bottom of really large water chamber. A carb hole is on the left upper side of the bong body. A glass bowl is removable and fits into the glass joint at the top of the slider piece (the one with glass spiral). See attached pictures.

  • glass on glass
  • spiral
  • laboratory glass


Mad Science Water Bong

A. Introduction and brief description
Mad science water bong. Designed in Germany, made of borosilicate glass.Comes with spiral glass piece that draws the smoke down into water chamber. Also has a carb hole that’s a little larger than 0.5”. Overall shape of the bong is like an Erlenmeyer flask with a conical body, very cool. “NARCOTIC” is sand-blasted into the side of the bong in large letters. Also has nice detail of the chamber volume (2000 mL) sand-blasted into side, just like a real piece of lab glassware. They did a great job with the details in the design, pretty simple, but good thinking on the design. For example, the letters are all sandblasted, just like you would find on an actual piece of labware. The fittings of the bowl and the spiral piece are also sandblasted -- this makes it a nice tight fit for when you’re smoking, air won’t go where it’s not supposed to.

B: Details of quality of packaging, shipping time, and opinion on the price

Packaged extremely well. Item came bubble-wrapped several times with styrofoam peanuts. Small pieces were individually bubble-wrapped. Packaging was very discreet and very plain – perfect! On the outside of the box, there were only stamps from the customs office and the mailing addresses. There was no sign of what the contents would be nor any sign of the name of the company on the outside of the box -- just a plain address from Czech republic and my personal address. Also, the package came exactly within the time frame listed. It took about 9 business days -- less than 2 weeks after I ordered it. Pricing of the bong was very good. The size of the bong and the quality of the materials used make this a fair price for what you get. It’s sturdy, it won’t tip over because the base is so big. Glass quality is really nice, too. It’s clear and is thick enough to feel good, but not so thick that it feels cheap.

C: What I like about the product and if it meets my needs and expectations

I like this bong a lot. It’s really sturdy, and designed nicely. It can fit ice cubes in it, too! The size of it is quite large. It is 12” high and the base is 6.5” wide. The mouth tube extends about 5” from the side of the main chamber. I wanted a bong that was clear glass and without much design or color. This bong satisfies those conditions. Just make sure you know that the side of it says “NARCOTIC” in big block letters. It’s kind of funny, actually, so I like that about it, too. The smoke is really smooth when it goes through the bong. It’s a smooth ride! It comes out cool and the flavor is really good. Note that the chamber is pretty big, so using this bong is good for sharing. If you’re using it alone, it might be a good idea to order some rubber stoppers to trap the smoke in while you’re catching your breath. Having some rubber stoppers or corks would also be good for cleaning it, actually. That way, you can shake the bong (carefully) without your cleanser and water exiting through all of the other holes. The spiral glass piece is fragile. I would say that this is the piece that is most likely to break while you’re trying to clean it. I’ve been pretty careful, and it does clean easily with just 91% rubbing alcohol. That’s just something to keep in mind, too. The carb hole is more than 0.5” wide, so this is very efficient for clearing the smoke out of the chamber when in use. It definitely meets my needs; I’m quite happy with my purchase. I would just say that you should know the size of it, which I provided earlier. Other than that, the smoking experience is really smooth once you get used to the size of the chamber. My only complaint is that the mouth tube comes out at an angle that makes it slightly difficult to smoke from. When your mouth is on the mouth-tube, you can’t really see the top of the bowl and what you’re trying to light up. It helps to have a friend with you, actually.
D: Overall

I think this bong is worth buying. It’s got an awesome shape -- how many bongs are out there that are built of this quality, designed in Germany, made of borosilicate glass, and have this sturdy wide base? You definitely get a big bang for your buck with this. You generate a lot of smoke when you’re using it, so it’s actually more about not producing more smoke than you can handle at a time so you don’t waste your tobacco. I loved my experience purchasing this item from Excellent Pipes/ The item came in perfect condition, the shipping was fast, the packaging was discreet. Compared to other bongs, I think it’s got a really unique design without adding a bunch of tie-dye colors. The angle of the mouth-tube makes it a little harder to use than a normal straight bong, but if you want something different from the usual style and that won’t tip over, this is definitely a good choice.

    Mad Science Water Bong/Beaker Bong Review


    Shipping: okay, I took the freebie shipping


    AMAZING, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT ... the only thing on my heart is, the spiral stem but I realy think that i´ll endure most type and if not you may order up as many as may make you feel safe. it is so super awesome all of my friends wanna scream: FOR SCIENCE!!!

    gives best fucked up hit ever with some faceslapping having the chocke straight by the tube, still GREAT BUY

    it is strange good holding it and it is realy a bong I personaly feel I can rely on.

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      Mad Science Water Bong

      Mad Science Water Bong

      Mad Science Water Bong is a fat water bong made from large laboratory tube. Glass tube ends with large glass joint for a piece with a glass spiral.

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