Unique designer X-bongs

Published : 03/29/2017 12:41:01
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X-bongs are the most unique designer water bongs in our smoking online shop. Unique designer X-bongs are hand blown of durable Pyrex glass by our crafty glassblowers, therefore every single piece is an original. Stunning design in the shape of a letter X. Unusual original designer X-bongs will surely amaze each smoker.


Unique designer X-bongs with different types of bowls

Unique designer X-bongs come in few different sizes and few various bowl types. You can choose from small X-bongs with classic glass on glass bowl through bigger X-bongs to the biggest silver fumed X-bong. Bigger X-bongs come also with a standard bowl but can be changed to the oil dome for smoking concentrates or precooler, which is an extra water chamber for cooler and smoother smoking.

Principle of smoking out of the unique designer X-bongs

Both tubes of unique designer X-bongs are connected with a hollow tunnel, therefore the water goes straight to the second leg. One part of the X-bong serves as the water filtration and the second part can be used for ice cubes for better cooling. Because the smoke is filtered twice, you can enjoy cleaner and smoother smoking.




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