Time for Valentine's Shopping

Published : 01/29/2018 22:38:02
Categories : About hand blown glass

In our online smoke shop you can find plenty of hand blown glass pipes, water bongsbubblers and other 420 smoking accessories that will surely make your sweetheart happy. The best think about the hand blown glass is that every piece is an original piece of art and what is even better - you can share this glass to enjoy the maximum pleasure not only during the Valentine's day.


Apart from unique glass pieces from our offer, you can also order a custom bong or personalized pipe e.g. with your anniversary date, heart, your names or anything that means something special for both of you. Believe us or not, one guy also ordered a custom bong saying: "Will you marry me?". Such a romance! Create your original piece, it will be a pleasure for our glassblowers to make a bong/pipe carrying a love message. You can find more information how to personalize a glass bong/pipe here.


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