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Published : 02/08/2016 14:03:08
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A smoking pipe is a device for smoking herbs, tobacco or cannabis. It is very often called a spoon or pipe spoon. A smoking pipe typically consists of the bowl /chamber/, sometimes equipped with a carb hole on the side, and the hollow stem which ends with a mouthpiece. The offer on the markets is infinite. Millions of shapes, sizes, designs and styles. Smoking pipes of various types have been used since ancient times.

Smoking pipes from different materials

Smoking pipes are made from a variety of materials.

Popular and the most common pipes are made of briar wood. Briar is naturaly resistant to fire and absorbs moisture. Some pipes are also made from different kinds of wood and not only briar.


Meerschaum is a mineral found mainly in Turkey. Its properties allow it to be carved into any beautiful shape. Characteristic for low weight and white color, which changes color after smoking. Pipes made from the dust that is collected after carving are not the same quality. They are not absorbent and don´t change the color.


Ceramic pipes were popular in 19th century. Clays get hot quite faster in comparison to other types of pipes, so they are often difficult for most pipe-smokers to use.

Famous thanks to Sherlock Holmes who smoke out of a calabash pipe. This pipe has a downward curve that ends with an upcurve where the tobacco is held.


Cheap and effective pipes that are made of concob which is usually dried for about 2 years. Recommended to the beginners. It provides nice and clean smoke.


Metal is not very common material for making smoking pipes. They are more associated with cannabis than tobacco. Usually only some parts of the pipe is made of metal but not the whole piece.


The most favourite material nowadays. Glass pipes are handblown from heat resistant and durable glass like PyrexSimax or Duran. The glass doesn´t affect the flavor of the smoke. Some glass pipes are truly art pieces with absolutely breathtaking designs.

Use of smoking pipes

Tobacco intended for smoking pipes is treated and blended with special care. It is possible to choose from plenty of flavours. The bowl of the pipe is packaged with a finger or thumb. To light the pipe is recommended to use matches than lighters cause of lower burning temperature. Pipe smoke is usually not inhaled. It is brought into the mouth, pump around oral and nasal cavities and then released.

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