Personalized Smoking Pipes with Friends' Initials

Published : 10/10/2018 09:14:23
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For many years we have been producing glass pipes and bongs in our own glassworks. Because we are the original manufacturer of the majority of products being sold in our online smoke shop, we can also modify our glass according to customers' requirements. And what is more, we can personalize our products with letters/numbers or simple pictures.

Our customers can choose a piece to be personalized from product category custom bongs or personalized pipes and add an inscription or simple picture on it. This possibility is highly appreciated because you can own or donate an unique personalized piece of art, also highly functional of course, that was hand blown with maximum care straight for you. 

Today we want to share an idea of one of our customers. And maybe to get you a bit inspired for upcoming Christmas. We had a pleasure to produce these pretty cool personalized glass pipes that you can see in the picture below. Every single one was customized with friends' name initials. This is such a cool idea! We are sure that those guys will highly appreciate it! They will all own the same pipe, the design unifies their friendship, but everybody will recognize his/her smoking pipe without hesitating.

Personalized glass smoking pipes

Personalized smoking pipes are amazing gifts for a few bucks. And the possibilities are endless, our customers are very creative. Recently we dispatched a bong saying "Will you marry me?" or personalized bongs for bestmen, we also had a pleasure to make a bong with a palm for a palm tree lover as an anniversary gift. We are always very proud of the glass leaving our glassworks, heading to someone to make him/her happy.

And how about you? Do you like personalized things? Do you have an idea about your personalized piece? What would you put on it?

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