New Masterpiece - Glass on Glass Octopus Bubbler

Published : 03/26/2018 15:18:56
Categories : Product news

Premium Octopus Bubbler was specially created by our designers for your maximum smoking pleasure. An octopus is sitting on the water chamber and looking straight into a bowl with your burning smoking substance. You enjoy hits from the head of octopus, how exciting!

Premium Octopus Bubbler

Octopus bubbler is a masterpiece hand blown in our glassworks by our experienced glass blowers. We use durable and heat resistant Pyrex glass and colors of the highest quality. Bubbler is equipped with a one piece glass on glass removable bowl/slider. Bowl has a handle for easy manipulation. Stem is ending with a hole.

Octopus bubbler is also available in rubber grommer versions equipped with a carb hole. These models have been tested by hundreds of our satisfied customers. Try also our newest model - glass on glass octopus bubbler.

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