Green Spring and your -20% discount voucher

Published : 05/17/2017 12:16:50
Categories : Product news

Spring is here and the nature is in amazing bud. We can see beautiful spring green color everywhere around us, therefore we would like to offer you also some of our green smoking products. You can choose from the water bongs - mostly percolators, and glass pipes but also some of our one hitters are decorated with green color. Our online smoke shop offers glass smoking products of excellent quality, hand blown of very durable Pyrex or Simax glass.

Gg Bong Green Spiral Perc Bong   Necklace Glass Smoking Pipe   Ultra Mini Green Bong

Green spring -20% discount voucher

Furthermore, to really enjoy the spring we decided to give you 20% discount voucher storewide valid till the end of May 2017. Be cool and have fun with your friends and our great green smoking stuff.

20% discount voucher

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