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Published : 10/19/2018 13:41:15
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One hitter mimics the shape of a cigarette and they are called one hitters because you basically get one hit from them. One hitters provide a bit cleaner smoking than only a joint or blunt and also reduce the smell.

We offer very wide selection of all different designs, colors and shapes, all made from durable Pyrex glass. The size of the cheap one hitters is just perfect for hiding it in your hands or pockets. Most of the cheap one hitters for sale in our online smoke shop have an anti-roll marble to prevent rolling and falling from the table.

One Hitters Wholesale

Hand Blown One Hitters - Wholesale Prices and Bulk Discounts

Although our glass one hitters for sale are allready cheap, you could get even a better price. If you buy more than 10 pieces, you will get a bulk discount. Don't keep such great products just for yourself and share them with your friends. We also offer special wholesale prices for those who buy more than 50 or 100 pieces.

Our customers can design their own one hitter

Because we are the producers of one hitters and they are all hand blown in our glass works, we can make small adjustments on customer's demand for free (e.g. remove an antiroll marble, change dimensions, color etc). Moreover we can blow a brand new one hitter model according to our customers requirements. Do you have an idea of a product and need experienced glass blowers to make it for you? No problem, just email us the draft with dimensions, the required quantity and it will be a pleasure or us to help you.

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