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Published : 03/15/2017 13:47:45
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Our online smoke shop offers plenty of amazing glass products of all kinds. We would like to point out now some of our best water bongs and their main advantages. Our really crafty glassblowers can make super cool masterpieces. All water bongs are hand blown of durable, hard borosilicate Pyrex glass, which is absolutely health safe and heat-resistant. Most of the best water bongs are equipped with an ice holder for smoother smoking and also a glass on glass pull out slide. Some of the top water bongs from our offer are made of Simax glass, which is also very strong glass. These bongs come usually with a percolator for advanced smokers. Lots of our cool water bongs are hand blown in few bowl variations. Nowadays oil domes are very popular, also called dab rigs, intended for smoking concentrates or essential oils. The best water bongs are made mostly in bigger sizes, give strong hits and provide super smoking experiences.

Blue Fairy 5mm Glass Bong + oil dome  Skull Percolator Bong  GG Percolator Bong Rapture Green

Free shipping on best water bongs

Another great thing is that you can get free shipping on all bongs over 99 USD. How does that sound? Perfect, don't you think? Save some money on shipping and choose one of these fantastic water bongs for great price with free shipping. We ship every bussiness day and the approximate shipping time is about two weeks.



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