Few ways how to cool the smoke

Published : 08/30/2017 22:33:36
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Most of the smokers know that nice smooth smoking is way better than hot and dry smoke. Cool smoke is ensured mainly with the ice. The colder smoke, the smoother and more pleasant smoking. Hot smoke is surely much more harmful and you won't enjoy the smoking at all. Most of the water bongs nowdays are therefore equipped with an ice holder and if there is no any present, there are still few options how to cool the smoke down.

Classic and reusable ice cubes

Let's start with the classic ice cubes. If you own a water bong with an ice holder, you can simply make the ice cubes in the freezer and put it inside the mouthtube. To save you some time and make sure you have the ice always ready, we recommend to buy our plastic Ice Cubes for Bongs, which you just wash after each use and put them back in the freezer. They are made of none toxic plastic and are reusable, so they basically last forever.

ice cubes

Extra ice catchers

If you have a piece that is not equipped with an ice holder, check out the Additional Ice Holder for Bongs. You put it in the mouthtube and just add the ice cubes on the top. The only negative is that this ice holder fits only in the bigger water bongs with wider mouthtube. It is sold either in black or gold color.

additional ice holder

Diffuser beads

Diffuser beads are fantastic smoking accessories that will turn any water bong into an ice bong. Small plastic and reusable beads go into the water in the base of the bong and once you start inhaling, the beads make lots of bubbles that cools the water down and therefore eliminate the harshness of the smoke on your lungs.

diffuser beads

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