Creepy Halloween Party with Skull Pipes and Bongs

Published : 10/10/2018 14:30:41
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October is here and that brings creepy Halloween at the end of this month. Therefore we decided to give you special Halloween offer - 20% discount on all glass smoking products and accessories with a skull motif. It is possible to choose from the skull glass pipes, skull glass bongs or bubblers or also a skull one hitter or a metal weed grinder. This Halloween offer lasts for the whole October so do not hesitate and use the oportunity to order these amazing glass smoking products at reduced prices.

All you need to do to get your special -20% dicount of all Halloween products is to use discount code "HALLOWEEN-PARTY" in the shopping cart.

Skull glass bongs

Skull Mini Glass Bong - Red Gothic Skull Glass Bong  Skull Mini Glass Bong - Blue  Skull Percolator Bong

Skull glass pipes

Skull Extreme Glass Pipe - yellow Skull Glass Pipe - Clear Skull Extreme Glass Pipe - Colored

Halloween specials

Are you not sure if to buy a glass skull pipe or a skull bong? Our online smoke shop offers a skull pipe and bong set for bargain price so you can get two pipes and one bong for discounted price and have your own skull collection.

Skull Pipe and Bong Set

You can also modify any of the glass bong with a joint size 14.5 mm if you buy our skull glass on glass bowl. It will give your bong new, different appearance.

Skull Glass on Glass Bowl 14.5mm


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