Color changing glass effects

Published : 02/08/2016 12:30:56
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Some water bongsglass pipes and bubblers are made from silver or gold fumed glass, which provide amazing color changing effect . There are many techniques and methods but the basic is in holding the small pieces of metal in the flame. The glass is rotated in this vapor stream until a fine layer of the vaporized metal is visible on the surface of the glass. After this, clear glass is applied to 'encase' the vaporized metal in between layers of glass. This process creates special and inimitable color changing effect - that is what it is called CCG - color changing glass.

Principle of the color changing glass effects

color changing glasscolor changing glass

As you can see in the pictures, the color of the glass can change according to the light conditions, e.g. against the dark background the color turns blue and against the light background the color turns yellow. Also the usage changes the colors and the general look of a pipe or a bong. The insides of the glass get dirty with usage and that creates different reflecting effects - your piece gets a beautiful unique look. It depends on you whether you decide to clean the bong or pipe with Color changing effect or not as it looks different every time.

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