Published : 02/08/2016 10:49:53
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Carb is a hole in a glass pipe. On many glass pipes, there is a small hole on the side of the bowl. This hole, a shothole (sometimes called a carb), is plugged with a finger while the material is lit inside the bowl. Once the hollow pipe is full of smoke, the shotgun is released, thus allowing the smoke to empty.

Water bongs with a carb hole

Some bongs are equipped with a carb hole while some not. Usually water bongs with a stem tighten with a rubber grommet have a carb hole. Instead of pulling out the stem /or bowl/, the smoker covers and uncovers the carb hole. Water bongs can have also both: pull out stem and a carb hole, so its possible to alternate it.

How to use a carb hole?

No matter if you have a smoking pipe or a water bong with a carb hole. The principle of smoking is quite the same. You basically cover the carb hole with your finger, start inhaling and filling the chamber with the smoke and once its done, you take the finger off the carb hole and finish inhaling to clear the chamber of smoke.

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