Bong Ice Cubes That Never Melt

Published : 02/27/2017 10:59:42
Categories : Product news

Very new in our stock are super cool plastic reusable ice cubes for glass bong that substitute classic ice cubes. Are you tired of making ice cubes all the time? Are there not any in the freezer when you need them? Get these fantastic bong ice cubes and all problems are sorted. Reusable ice cubes can be used again and again. You simply wash them after each use and "tidy" them in the freezer. Therefore they are always ready to use. Plastic reusable ice cubes for glass bongs come in standard ice cubes size and are made of non toxic plastic that is absolutely healthsafe. Bong ice cubes are filled with water.

bong ice cubes    bong ice cubes

Use of the plastic reusable ice cubes

Bong ice cubes come in standard ice cubes sizes, therefore they can be used only in bigger glass bongs as they won't fit in smaller glass bong with narrow tube part. Plastic reusable ice cubes can be surely also used in any drink. As they are made in various colors, they look great in every glass and will make the party special. Our online smoke shop sells them in a pack of 6 pieces.

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