Bitcoin - new method of payment

Published : 08/01/2017 12:09:10
Categories : Product news

Our online smoke shop has recently extended methods of payment of crypto currency bitcoin. Bitcoin is famous all over the world and is becoming quite popular. And as we always try to satisfy all our customers, we decided to join in and brought bitcoin option on our website.

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is unique digital payment system, that nobody owns or controls and everyone can join in. Bitcoin uses peer to peer system. No personal informations are needed so can not be missused. There are very little or none fees for the transactions, even international ones. There are also no limits for sending or receiving any amount. Bitcoins can be saved in the wallets in personal computers or mobiles or on special HW.

How to make payment

Bitcoin payments are very secure. All transactions are secured by cryptography. Nobody can make payment on your behalf. It is completely under your full control. You don't need any credit or debit card. All bitcoin payments are send from special bitcoin wallet application. All you need to do is type in recipient's address and the payment amount. It is also very often possible to scan a QR code or use NFC technology.

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