Thick Glass Pipes, Thick Glass Spoon Pipes

Thick glass pipes with large bowl

Big fat glass pipes are hand blown from thick glass and decorated from the inside - also called inside-out pipes.  Larger size fits great in every hand with fine solid feel and higher weight. Fat chunky glass spoon pipes for big boys and girls.

Bigger, heavier, unique - spoon glass pipes that are worth it

The best of smoking glass pipes. Big glass pipes with large bowl are very popular in smokers community because of their beautiful, interesting and unique look and also a great size. They are richly decorated, whether sigle color or rainbow colored, all attract attention to themselves and everyone longs for having them. Thich spoon glass pipes have color changing effect thanks to silver glass fuming.

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Mini Snowman Glass Pipe

Thick Glass Pipes. Amazing limited edition Snowman pipe. Original glass pipe...
Thick Glass Pipe Jellyfish Glass Pipes. Thick Glass Pipe Jellyfish is hand made work of art.... 

Elephant Glass Pipe, blue

Elephant Glass Pipe is handblown in our glasswork. Pipe is...

Elephant Glass Pipe, green-brown

Elephant Glass Pipe is handblown in our glasswork. Pipe is...

Elephant Glass Pipe, gold

Elephant Glass Pipe is handblown in our glasswork. Gilded...

Elephant Glass Pipe, clear

Elephant Glass Pipe is handblown in our glasswork. Pipe is...
Custom signed glass pipe Thick Glass Pipes. Great glass hand pipe with color changing effect and... 
Skull Extreme Glass Pipe - clear Skull Extreme Glass Pipe is handmade of strong Pyrex glass.... 
Glass pipe, Frog twister Exclusive unique glass pipe, heavily silver fumed for the... 
Glass pipe - weed buddy Another great glass pipe in twisted style. This sweet weed... 

Glass pipe, Mushroom Red

Color changing glass pipe, silver fumed and fritted from...
Glass pipe, big blue A massive deep blue masterpiece with truly excellent color... 
Glass pipe, Twisted Lizard Grass colored version of popular twisted glass pipe. Large... 
Mixed color, heavy glass pipe Premium glass pipe made from thick glass. Inside-out blown... 
Mixed color two, heavy glass pipe Premium glass pipe made from thick glass. Inside-out blown... 
Tricolora, thick glass pipe Very handy shape, great feel in hand. Hard borosillicate... 
Glass pipe, Cobra twister Color changing glass pipe, heavily silver fumed for the... 
Glass pipe, Color Fantasy Shiny colored glass pipe. Classic shape, large pot, great... 
Glass pipe, Blue Twister Blue glass mixed into the twisted body. A carb hole on the... 
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Chunky glass pipes made of thick glass, decorated with vivid colors from the inside

Our thick glass pipes are handmade and inside-out blown of thick Pyrex. Which is perfect for using, because our glass pipes for sale are hollow and prevent the spread of heat. They also excel in size and robustness, not only appearance but also the weight is adjusted. Made from thicker glass layers are deposited from the inside with color variations in the form of ribbons, or in the form of color glass fragments. The result - chunky glass pipes - look pretty, color transitions are placed inside the transparent walls of the pipe. These glass smoking pipes are really beautiful and well served not only for decorative purposes.

All spoon glass pipes made of thick glass have great-sized bowl and carb hole on the left side. Due to its size and weight they perfectly fit in every hand.

Glass pipes marked as "in stock" are immediatelly available in our online HeadShop. With all benefits you can buy it just here and now!

Custom thick glass pipes only in our HeadShop!

We can also make a custom glass pipe for you. It is one of the thick glass pipes, with twisted handgrip and large pot, that can be written on from the inside. This pipe has the best color changing effect (CCG) and can be bought only here. It is the most unique one of spoon thick glass pipes that you can find anywhere, ideal if you are looking for a gift or like your stuff signed.

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Glass pipes, glass smoking pipes online

  • wide selection of glass smoking pipes in different sizes and types, take your time and find yours
  • every glass pipe is original, hand made pipes from blown glass are unique and valued
  • on demand customize, inscription - custom signed pipe (inside out)
  • color changing glass (CCG) pipes made from silver fumed glass, many of our smoking pipes have this great feature
  • designed in plain glass, colored, color changing glass, inside-out, coiled, marbled
  • weed pipes, pot pipes, sherlock pipes and all other crazy pipes have shothole (carb hole) and deep nested pot
  • pipes are very durable, made from hard borosillicate glass (Pyrex, Simax), heat resistant and 100% health-safe (material)

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