Pipe cleaner 100ml

Pipe cleaner 100ml    

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  • Volume:100 ml; 3.4 fl oz
Liquid substance for easy cleaning bong or waterpipe. This phosphate-free liquid cleaner is highly concentrated and it works on all materials such as glass, acrylic and aluminium products. How to use: Fill your waterpipe half with hot water. Depending on how much is your equipment dirty add LIMPURO in the ratio 1:3 up to 1:20. Let it work for about 15 min. Removes any smokestains or smells from your waterpipe. Then rinse with clean water several times. Incredients: tenside, salt from organic acids, solvant aides. Completly free of detergents, phosphate and agressive acids.
#2102  Pipe cleaner 100ml



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