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Carry your glass spoon pipes with you anywhere!

We offer many different designs of glass spoon pipes for sale. Hoping everyone could choose a smoking pipe according to his or her demands and taste. When pulled from the pocket a beautiful, colored glass spoon pipe playing with colors, certainly makes a better impression. In addition, our glass spoon pipes are not only great for smoking, they are also beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

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Puff Pipe Colorchanging Medium Sized Glass Pipes . Puff Pipe Colorchanging is a special pipe intended for... 
Puff Pipe Red Stripes Medium Sized Glass Pipes . Puff Pipe Red Stripes is a special pipe intended for... 
Puff Pipe Blue Stripes Medium Sized Glass Pipes . Puff Pipe Blue Stripes is a special pipe intended for... 
Puff Pipe Green Stripes Glass Pipes. Puff Pipe Green Stripes is a special pipe intended for... 
Puff Pipe Red Marble Glass Pipes. Puff Pipe Red Marble is a special pipe intended for smoking... 
Puff Pipe Blue Marble Glass Pipes. Puff Pipe Blue Marble is a special pipe intended for... 
Puff Pipe Green Marble Glass Pipes. Puff Pipe Green Marble is a special pipe intended for... 
Golden Spiral Weed Pipe This golden spoon from our new phatty collection is an... 
Traveller Carb Hole Spoon A spoon with a spiral core adorned with marble on the side.... 
Wizards Carb Hole Pipe Inside out glass pipe made by using an old–fashioned... 
The Blue Rain Glass Pipe This wonderful spoon from a phatty collection is decorated... 
The Blue Fritted Pipe Golden fritted spoon is another piece of art from our new... 

Glass pipe Pink Agaric

Glass pipe Pink Agaric is waiting for the mushroom picker!...
Skull Glass Pipe - clear Skull Glass Pipe is made of strong Pyrex glass. The bowl is... 
Mushrooms - Glass Pipe Spoon A larger version of the mini-spoon, featuring intense gold... 
Massive Gold King - Inside out Pipe A classic spoon shape with elaborate inside swirl work and... 
Glass pipes set - trikolora Glass pipes set - red, blue, white. Exclusive hand blown... 

Snowman Pipe Limited Edition

Amazing limited edition Snowman pipe. Original glass pipe...
420 Blue Dream, Smoking Spoon Classic spoon shape with extra sturdy design. Blue pattern... 
420 Red Dream, Smoking Spoon Classic spoon shape with extra sturdy design. Red pattern... 
Shinning Glass Spoon Cool color changing spoon with a spiral core adorned with... 
Twister glass spoon - red pot New spoon pipe. Nice twisted colored color changing pipe -... 
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Smokers pride - unique hand blown glass spoon pipes!

These days, smokers in advanced countries are a discriminated minority. Therefore, almost every smoker makes sure, that his smoking pipe suits his or her individuality. The glass pipe can say something about its owner personality.

Smoking is an individual choice of everybody. You should decide freely what makes you happy, knowing the facts, decide vicely. Likewise, purchasing a glass spoon pipe should be joyful and pleasant event. It's another way to illustrate your exceptionality.

Hand glass pipes for sale - what makes them "handy".

Smoking glass spoon pipes look great, they are easy to hold and use and fit into any pocket. Hand glass pipes are middle sized smoking pipes, that can be carried with you all the time. Shape of the spoon and good size - not too small not too large, can fit in any pocket. But hand pipes are also large enough to offer comfortable smoking pleasure.

Glass blown smoking pipes are something we can call mainstream in our smoking pipes product range. They have all the benefits of the material from which they are made - Pyrex and are large enough to allow comfort when using and do not bring the smoke too hot to the user. We have wide selection of handmade glass pipes for sale in different designs and shapes here in our HeadShop. Coiled, frit, colored, with CCG - color changing glass effect and in diffrent sizes. Each pipe is blown and finished with maximum care. Spoon pipes are light, and very hard, each piece is unique piece of art.

Hand blown glass pipes - why are they better?

And why are the glass blown smoking pipes better than any other mass-manufactured or assembled from prefabricated parts? Glass hand-blowing has a long tradition in our country, it is the art which has been handed down for generations. We are using these skills and knowledge for manufacturing our unigue glass products. Making unique spoon glass pipes for sale, we would like to offer you the beauty of blown glass in the most usable form - a smoking pipe. Such a piece of art can't be compared with anything factory-made. Our hand blown glass pipes are a great choice for those who like art, craft and uniqueness.

Enjoy your glass spoon pipe from our hand made smoking pipes selection!

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Glass pipes, glass smoking pipes online

  • wide selection of glass smoking pipes in different sizes and types, take your time and find yours
  • every glass pipe is original, hand made pipes from blown glass are unique and valued
  • on demand customize, inscription - custom signed pipe (inside out)
  • color changing glass (CCG) pipes made from silver fumed glass, many of our smoking pipes have this great feature
  • designed in plain glass, colored, color changing glass, inside-out, coiled, marbled
  • weed pipes, pot pipes, sherlock pipes and all other crazy pipes have shothole (carb hole) and deep nested pot
  • pipes are very durable, made from hard borosillicate glass (Pyrex, Simax), heat resistant and 100% health-safe (material)

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