Cheap glass bongs, glass bongs

Cheap glass bongs made of factory glass

Cheap glass on glass smoking bongs from different producers, selection of most favorite glass bongs that are demanded for its low price but nice design and funcionality. Based on laboratory equipment - measuring cylinders, tubes, tubes. The common laboratory tools are modified and adapted - creating smoking bongs. Cheap glass bongs servers its purpouse, smoking, well.

When the functionality and price are the main criterions for your glass bong

Cheap glass bongs can basically offer everything what the user desires for. Also a renowned brands using such "blanks" for making their successful models. it is not so difficult to modify a laboratory glass equipment into the smoking device like a water bong. Smoke from these cheap glass bongs can meet all requirements of  less or even the most demanding user.

These cheap glass bongs can't be modified, they are not made by us

Water bongs in this selection are not made by our glass blowers, so they can not be customized in any way. Cheap bongs have all the basic features that smoking bongs should have - cab hole or glass on glass slider, some models have also an ice catcher. We include a free set of screens with every cheap glass bong from this selection. Two special water bongs are equipped with great glass spiral under the bowl - the "Mad science water bong" and "Narcotic spiral glass bong". With pleasure we can recommend them to experienced guys.

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Glass Bong Weed Style

Cheap glass bongs. Glass bong in simple design is decorated with green weed...

Glass Ice Bong Devotion

Cheap glass bongs. Nice Glass Bong Devotion is equipped with an ice holder...

Water Bong Ganja Music

Glass bong is made from clear borisilicate glass. Mouthtube...

Glass Bong Ganja Wizard

Glass bong is made from clear glass. Mouthtube is labeled...

Glass Bong Vampire Diaries

Glass bong is made from clear glass. Mouthtube is labeled...

Glass Bong Ornament II.

Glass bong in simple design is decorated with ornament on a...

Sandblasted Glass Bong

Glass bong has a sandblasted stripey design, which make...

Water Bong Glassic

Water Bong with sturdy design is made from clear glass....

Glass Bong Big Ganja Fall

Water bong is made from pure glass and is decorated with...

Glass Ice Bong Gold Fever

Nice Glass Bong Gold Fever is equipped with an ice holder...

Glass Bong Grass Galaxy

Bong is made of factory glass. Pure design, decorated only...

Glass bong Rasta 1105

Glass bong Rasta 1105 is made of laboratory glass in rasta...

Lab glass bong black leaf

Glass bong made from laboratory glass tube with black...

Glass Bong Enormous

Laboratory glass bong in pure design. Curved mouhtube makes...

Mini Bong The One I Love

Mini Bong is made of factory glass. Pure design, mouthtube...

Cactus fine glass ice bong

Large glass water bong. Engraved CACTUS fine pipes logo. An...

Small mushroom science bong

Glass bong made from laboratory glass, labeled with...

Glass Bong Micro 1106

Glass Bong Micro is made of factory glass. Pure design,...

Glass Bong Micro 1103

Glass Bong Micro is made of factory glass. Pure design,...

Glass bong Rasta 1107

Glass bong Rasta 1107 is made of laboratory glass in rasta...

Glass bong Zebra

Glass water bong made from laboratory glass. Nice engraved...

Glass bong Black Widow

Bong Black Widow is made of laboratory glass. Mouthtube is...

Glass Bong Micro 1102

Glass Bong Micro is made of factory glass. Pure design,...

Glass Bong Ganja

Laboratory glass water bong, mouthtube decorated with...
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Water bongs, buy water bongs in online shop.

We are the producer of water bongs. Here in our specialized online shop you can buy glass water bongs we make in our own glassworks. Be sure that we can offer you best prices and quality of hand made glass water bongs. Bongs are hand blown from Pyrex glass tubes, designed for smokers who want smooth smoking. Smoking through water bongs we made is comfortable and you can enjoy inhaling a soft cool smoke. Buy water bongs in our online shop directly from production = best prices.

  • All water bongs are carefully packed with all parts (bowl, slider, precooler)
  • The shipping is discrete with no description on the box
  • You will get a free set of jax screens with every water bong
  • Carb hole can be made or unmade for your water bong, just left a notice with your online order
  • You can put a hand written sign in one of three colors on your water bong, check our custom water bongs

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