Cannabis Slang


The meaning of each of these terms may vary by region and context.


Nug or Nuggets, Bob Hope (footnote in Infinite Jest, by author David Foster Wallace), bud, Bobby Brown, brown (resin), brown frown (low quality), brown budha, cess, cheeba, cheg (very small amount of resin), chronic (high quality), course notes, dagga (from Afrikaans via South Africa), dak, dank, diesel (low quality resin), dodo, dope, doobage, doja, draw, dro (derived from hydroponics), eighth (standard quantity used for trading - 1/8 imperial ounce), electric puha (from puha, a plant in New Zealand), fire, frodis (from The Monkees), funk, ganja or ganj (abbreviated) (from Hindi), grade - good quality bud, grass, [[green}], hash (hashish, arabic for grass), hay, herb, indo or endo, instaga, IZM, jimmy, Kevin Bacon (euphamism for kind bud), kind (short for kind bud), kushempeng, lambs bread, lef, marijuana (originally subcultural), Mary Jane, Mexican kilobrick (low-grade, highly-compressed import), mids (middle quality), mota, nick or nickel (a 5 dollar sack), dime (a 10 dollar sack), a dub sack (20 dollars), nodge (small amount of hashish), nug or nugget or nugs, moss, Old Toby, O-Z , pakalolo (from Hawaii), Paul Zurawski, pot, regs (regular strength), Sampson, sensimilla or sensi, shake (leaf and seeds at bottom of bag), schwag (low quality), schwugs (middle quality - portmanteau of schwag and nugs), skunk, solid (resin), soap bar (low quality hash), sticky-icky-icky, sweet G, tea, tree, wacky tobacky/baccy, weed, bible worksheets, george, X box,Goofy Boots, headies, reefbuds...Blifter

Reefer was common in the early twentieth century, but it is now often used only humorously, often in reference to the 1930s propaganda film Reefer Madness, which significantly misrepresented the effects of cannabis. Terms also from this time period are: mex, mezz, muggles, gage, jive, viper, spinach...

In the UK, cannabis is often referred to by quanity, a sixteenth of an ounce - a teenth, or a Louis (the XVI), an eighth of an ounce - a Henry (the VIII), a quarter, a half, an ounce - an Ozzy (Osbourne). For larger amounts often referred to in kilograms, but old school dealers still like to sell in pounds.

Cannabis User

blazer, head, herbalista, pothead, stoner, toker...

Cannabis Cigarette/Cigar

bat, beedie, biff, bifta, blunt (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuana), breezie, Camberwell Carrot (an innovative design of spliff for special occasions), doobie, dutchie, cannon or fatty (large), fattie-bo-blattie, J, joint, jibber, spleef, L (rolled in two cigar leafs or two papers made into an L), Kingsize Marley (enormous), spliff, gotti or godfather (cigar emptied of tobacco and filled without cutting), zoot, Gorilla Finger, pinner(small), Hog Leg (girthy joint), hooter (hoot), dutchie, danish.

To smoke Cannabis

bake, blaze (it up), burn some rope, bubble, bun, burn, cached or pooched (when bowl is finished), chief, chong, spark Choof, fly Mexican airlines, fry, (to) get lit, (to play) golf, (to have a) green day, ignite, light up, puff, sesh (from session), smoo rocket, toke (up), tokin, toke up, spark up, take the Marrakesh Express, talk to Larry, talk to Sampson, try on some Michael Jordans, wake and bake (smoking in the morning after waking up), to hotbox or clam bake (to smoke in a confined, unventiliated space), dance with mary jane, pack the pipe, strummin the rusty banjo, read a good book, (play) tennis,joint sub-committee meeting (Dazed and Confused), bowling...

Cannabis Intoxication

baked, binned, blasted, blazed, blitzed, (to be) bloust/blousted, blowed, buzzed, burnt, chared, chiefed, chink-eyed (offensive), cooked, faded, F.U.B.A.R.ed (pronounced foo-bar-d)-f***ed-up beyond all recognition, goofed, grilled, high, irie, kained, keyed, lean, lit, lifted, mashed, hmonged (offensive), monstertrucked, mullered, rinseout, ripped, smashed, spaced (out), stoned, toasted, throwed, twisted, torn up, jazzed, wasted, wrecked, zonked, ganked, geeked or geeked out, schreechin, gone, blitted.....Fishbowl

Effects of Cannabis

burnt, burnt out (tiredness), munchies (hunger), drewth, cottonmouth (Dry-Mouth), Green Out/Green Fever (Get sick) whitey or throwing a whitey (state of fear/paranoia(prang) and/or nausea/vomiting where your face actually goes pale), zone out or zoning, get red eye (to have red eyes, to smoke until your eyes bleed)...

Cannabis Paraphernalia

bat or batty, bong, bowl, bubbler, carb, carburetor, chalice, cone, dugout, glass pipe, graffix, hammer, hitter-box, hookah, hurricane, one-hitter, piece, power-hitter, resin chamber, roach clip, roor,shotgun, sneak-a-toke, spoon, steamroller, stone, toot, vaporizer, waterfall bong, wraps (rolling papers), apple and carrot bong, zoomer or zoom tube, zong, B.T. bottle (bottle toke), zig-zag, chillum (single hitter, one hitter), gravity bong...

Cannibis Strains

Alaskan thunderfuck, black death, G-13, hula-bud, mystic creeper, northern lights, popcorn bud, purple kush, purple haze, white rhino, Trainwreck, yellow cab...

Cannibis Potency

  • Death Weed refers to extremely potent Cannabis. This term walks the thin line between having its own distinct meaning in trade jargon and being a slang term for stuff thats even more killer than The Kill.
  • The Kill also refers to highly potent Cannabis, though not necessarily as potent as The Death Weed.
  • Chronic refers to Cannabis which is highly potent but not unusually so. In other words, the highest quality one can find on a semi-regular basis for roughly the same cost as mid-grade Cannabis. In many regional jargons this term is given a more specific meaning, however these are far too numerous to list here.
  • Bud simply refers to the buds of the Cannabis plant. Bud may be high or low quality depending on several factors. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana leaves are usually not smoked (unless covered in resin from nearby buds, though such leaves are usually used for hashish production), rather it is actually the buds which are smoked. The buds of unpollinated female plants are preferred because these plants will focus their energy on resin production in order to catch pollen from the male plants (this resin is the only part of the plant which contains any usuable quantities of psychoactive chemicals).
  • Shake is specifically the debri that shakes loose from brick or bagged marijuana. While it can have high potency, it is generaly considered less desireable as its dust-like properties make it difficult to smoke.
  • Kind (a.k.a. kind bud or simply kb) refers to sinsemilla (from Spanish, meaning without seed) marijuana, i.e. unpollinated female marijuana plants. This is an important distinction between high-quality marijuana and schwag because schwag (also referred to as commercial weed or more often simply merch (pronounced mersh)) is almost always pollinated female marijuana and can be easily recognized by the many seeds present in the bud (or loose in the bag, see bagseed). Pollination is chiefly responsible for the lowering of potency because of reduced resin production, though genetics and post-harvest methods play a small role. All highly potent marijuana is kind, though not all kind is necessarily highly potent.
  • Schwag refers to low-quality bud. Often dry and brownish in color rather than lush and green (however, looks can be deceiving). This is also called brown frown.
  • Dirt Weed often refers to brown, withered looking buds which are usually impotent, although potent dirt weed is not completely unheard of. This term is seldom used synonymously with outdoor (see below).
  • Dank often very good nuggets, normally flourescent green with protruding white crystals, smells like skunk.

Miscellaneous Cannabis-related slang

to pick up (to buy and/or collect cannabis), to cop (to buy cannabis), to chop (to sell cannabis), to deal or to sling (to sell cannabis), to be live or to be doing good (to have cannabis to sell), holding or Holden Caufield (possessing cannabis), cached (finished--said of a pipeful of cannabis; also for the smokers bloodshot eyes), bogart (to take too long in consumption without passing in a social setting), kicked (finished - said of a pipefull or a bong), snap (to smoke an entire bowl in one inhalation), killer, indy or indien or taxi or chicago or jamican hits or marathon (the practice of not exhaling a toke until the spliff has been passed to everybody), hippie hit (hitting a section of a bowl in order for others to get an equal green hit),pooched (finished - said of a pipefull or a bong), puff puff pass (method of smoking blunt or joint, two hits then passed), baptize, to invoke red monkey (a spotted violation of the rules, a party foul-to drop the joint/spill the bong/mess up rotation or such), rape or choke (to choke while taking a hit), running the kermit (to drop off bags of cannabis)....



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